Andrea Boldrini


Tradition and innovation
Designing and manufacturing slipper rock climbing shoes is not an easy business.
Would it come under an unfeasible matter to design and manufacture innovating slippers in the traditional pure spirit, most particularly in France?
We are in a position to assert that it is achievable, the Boldrini collection meets an unprecedented success towards knowledgeable experts and with the wealth of this successful challenge we announce the improvement of our production outputs of our Romans site in the department of Drôme.
We are proud and excited to unveil our new 2007 fashion show enriched by even more innovations and more than ever aimed at the “performance-precision-comfort” triad.
It’s particularly the case concerning the Apache Talisman and Apache 5 model which counteracts the assumption of the commonplace that “a slipper should hurt to be highperformance”.
You are welcome to put on our products and check how nice they fit!
As a result, this achievement is the fruit of our implication in the manufacturing of slippers dedicated to pleasure and emotion.

Whatever your practice, we’ll always be eagerly waiting down to the smallest detail aiming at improving your comfort and the accuracy of your movements… Climbing with more and more freedom.