Puma: Ideal for a variety of climbing styles (rigidity : normal but a lot of support thanks to its integral sole).
A new Puma (2017) was designed with inverted velcro for a better fastening system, the rand rubber goes a bit higher for more protection and 2 pull-on loops.
A very good model for beginners or climbers who wish to have the foot flat in the shoe.
Double velcro.



The shape was designed to fit feet with not too much folding of the toes, so the climbers who want to keep their feet relaxed still get the support they need on the front (the volume on the front was reduced so the shoe is still tight over the whole foot). This model can be taken the same size as the trainer size but it’s also possible to take it smaller for more experienced climbers.
This model is not aggressive , not very asymmetric and the slingshot is moderated for an extreme comfort. The Puma is also one our best-sellers.
Rubber : Formula Enduro (4.5mm).