Florian HEUBER

The first things I remember from my childhood are all connected with climbing and traveling. This tells a lot about myself. It all began very relaxed. My dad got a small kids harness and I was allowed to “climb“ and « rapel“. To be honest, the rock was not much higher than a man tall. I scrambled up with hands and feet and he lowered me down. Anyway, I had lots of fun, right from the beginning.
My ambitions changed quite fast. It started as an infrequent activity and went into a very regular training structure quite soon. Gym during the week besides school and rock on weekends & holidays. This is how I liked it.
After a couple of years training paid off and I could push my personal limits. I really started to implement climbing and training as a part of my lifestyle and enjoying every moment of it.

Performance`s so for:
– Meadowlark Lemon (V13) / Red Rocks / USA
– Esperanza (Fb 8a+/8b) / Albarracin / Spain
– Føkus (Fb 8a+) / Harbak / Norway
– Transilvania (8b+) / Osp / Slovenia
– Shared lots of nice experiences together with a lot of friends. More to come! That’s what the sport it is all about!